Become One of Us
After companies officially enter the incubation program, the project team is responsible for establishing archives and updating the incubator’s statistical information library. The project manager is responsible for monitoring the service and introducing outstanding policies, systems for each project, and service standards for the company. Ufrate is based mainly on establishing and improving the new incubation service system by improving the growth and success rate of small micro-business start-ups, incubating, and raising start-ups with independent intellectual property rights and brands.
  • Venture

    1.Determine the type of entrepreneurship

    2.Project proposals

    3.CV of project participants, copy of ID, proof of technical skill and other valid evidence

    4.The applicant’s ID.

  • Application Materials

    1. Business registration application

    2. Copy of business license

    3. Copy of the articles of association

    4. Copy of ID of corporate shareholders, general manager, and other contacts

    5. State and Local Tax Registration Certificate copy

    6. The company’s main executive’s proof of technical skills and other valid evidence

    7. Organisation code certificate

    8. Business-related qualification certificates

    9. Financial statements from the previous year

  • Application Review

    Notify accepted applicants and help conduct entrance procedures as well as sign the incubator agreement and business contract; companies not accepted will be issued a letter of rejection.

  • Accepted Applications

    Ufrate will review the applicant’s regulations –based on their country and basic criteria for incubation– and decide whether or not to incubate and issue an "examination review document" within five business days.

Tailored to Your Business Plan
Ufrate is currently ongoing the second round of financing and hopes that both domestic and foreign companies will make strategic investments to benefit both parties. Ufrate investors have priority acquisition rights for our projects. The incubator’s angel investment fund lasts for 3 to 5 years, the fund management fee is 2%, and the investment pattern is a combined investment. Compared to individual angel investors, the funds mentioned above have priority when it comes to investing in the incubated projects.

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