The Best Resources
Ufrate works with an advanced series of startups, who receive thorough guidance and were selected from a competitive headhunt for amazing entrepreneurial talent and mature projects.  Ufrate looks for startups from all around the world, working with a very select group to ensure careful attention to each one. Ufrate has an abundance of resources surrounding their biggest offices to help startups thrive in the Chinese American market. With the help of powerful entrepreneurs and and an extensive network of investors, we optimize market resources to reap benefits for both the startups and investors.
Academic Background
Zhejiang University School of Management
Harvard University
Stanford University
Peking University Post Doctorate EMBA
Global Fund Partners
Y Combinator
500 Startups
SV entrepreneurs
Plug and Play
Chinese Fund Partners
BYD Corporation
AME Cloud Venture Capital Fund
Dan Hua Fund
We Can Do More For You
Equipped with trusted, qualified, and professional bookkeeping services, as well as a wealth of practical experience in accounting, legal processes, and tax policies, Ufrate provides startups with comprehensive administrative services.
As an important part of the Deep Incubation philosophy, we will provide a full range of business guidance and management training for our entrepreneurs. Based on your business’s development needs, we offer HR, accounting, finance, operations management, marketing and other professional training services.
We will take care of employee relations and attendance, wages, insurance payments, organization of documents, and other services related to HR. We will arrange for annual physical examinations, help companies narrow their target recruitment pool, look for high-end executives, construct of a remuneration plan, and more.
We will provide companies with high-end office furniture, high-speed Internet access, business and leisure areas, 24-hour customer service, printing facilities to create an entrepreneurial environment.
Investment Processes
Investment Processes
Main Collaborators
Our most important resources include our strategic partnerships with numerous established institutions. Facilitating a healthy exchange of resources between the investors and startups, we create benefits for all parties involved.

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